TMZ Notified Gilbert Arenas That Yahoo! Ranked His $111M Contract As The Worst Ever, But His Response Was PRICELESS

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you forget why you — or anyone else for that matter — still kind of consider Gilbert Areanas to be a good basketball player, it’s because he averaged 27.8 PPG over four seasons for the Wizards. Yahoo! didn’t seem to care when they made the list of “12 Worst Contracts Ever,” opting to define his contract by what he did after he signed it. Gilbert explains…

“What I did to get the contract was different than what I’ve done since I got the contract…I got hurt before I got the contract and I still got rewarded. So it’s not like I tricked somebody. They knew I was hurt. I didn’t play that year; I played like [13] games the year before my contract and I got the contract anyway, because of what I did. You get paid on what you did, not what you’re gonna do. That’s what people don’t understand.”

So, rookies get paid for what they did in college? Ok, that sorta makes sense, but what about the fact that you brought a gun into a locker room in 2008 and forced the NBA to suspend you indefinitely? Not sure a gun shows up on a physical, and it definitely doesn’t count as an injury.

That being said, Gilbert Arenas is hilarious. “Worst ever?!? Ehhhhh…”