Warriors Play-By-Play Announcer Calls Glen Davis ‘Big Dick Baby,’ Calls David Lee ‘David Lee’

  • Jake O'Donnell

Veteran CSN announcer Bob Fitzgerald let’s a weird one slip at the 0:06 mark: “David Lee, bodied by big dick baby…” Wow. We heard him loud in clear. Our colleagues over at Bleacher Report were a bit more understanding.

[BR] He almost wound up going with Big Davis, but he seemed to catch his mistake. Unfortunately, he caught it at a time that warped his words to the point that you almost expected a public acknowledgement of it after the fact.

Whatever it was, we’re on board with a permenant change to Davis’ nickname — as he has publicly whined about the “baby” moniker for years. Ask, and ye shall receive, Glen “Big Dick Baby” Davis. (Join the movement on Twitter by using #GlenBigDickBabyDavis.)