What Happened Last Night: Tiger Won A Golf Tournament, The Warriors Just Can’t Stay Healthy

  • Dylan Murphy

There really wasn’t that much going on in sports last night, but we’re here to tell you what you missed anyway. Basically Tiger did something good, golf-wise, and basketball baskets were made. Also a big dude came back from injury. Anyway, off we go.

Tiger Woods won at Torrey Pines.

You know that golf tournament you didn’t watch, but pretended to know something about by keeping up with the frequent SporsCenter updates? Yeah, that one. Torrey Pines. Well Tiger Woods had built an eight-shot lead with five holes to play, but decided to spice things up by finishing with two bogeys and a double-bogey to trim his lead in half. Though he still won by four strokes, massive Tiger blowouts just aren’t a thing anymore. Still, this marked Woods 8th win at Torrey Pines and 75th PGA tournament overall, leaving him 7 short of Sam Snead’s all-time record of 82.

Andrew Bogut returned from injury, so Stephen Curry got hurt.

You may remember that Monta Ellis was traded for Andrew Bogut last year. You may also remember that Andrew Bogut has barely played since then, and the Warriors have yet to reap the rewards of employing one of the league’s best centers. Bogut’s last game was on November 7th, before soreness in his surgically repaired ankle knocked him out of the lineup. Though he only scored 12 points in his return against Toronto last night, his defensive contributions were tangible on a team that has trouble defending the rim.

In other news, Stephen Curry twisted his injured right ankle, again. Though the injury is minor, Curry can’t seem to go a week without tweaking it somehow. On the bright side the Warriors did win 114-102, but against the lowly Toronto Raptors – who, by the way, are now trying to acquire Rudy Gay for some reason. Though everyone thought the Gay rumors would dissipate after the Ellington-Speights trade, it appears that was premature. The trade deadline isn’t until Freburary 21st, so don’t worry: we have lots of time for speculative guess work and rumor-mongering.