Zaire Wade Might Be Better Than His Dad (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Dwayne Wade’s basketball abilities have declined dramatically over the years (though he did shoot near 50% in the finals and averaged almost 20 PPG). It may not be a huge problem right now, but after next season, when LeBron has a chance to opt out of his contract and go back to Cleveland or play football or just backpack southeast Asia with his bud, Eric, it might be a factor. Why would Bron stick around with a hobbled neutron star burning up minutes?

Because there’s another Dwayne Wade. Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade.

Despite having a tumultuous family life torn between feuding parents, Zaire (and his brother Zion) have ended up in their father’s custody, and clearly played a lot of ball with him. Like this time. The point is, they’ve basically been Jedi trained by a loving, single dad, who happens to be a three-time NBA champ and finals MVP. Note: when NBA players sire children and do NOT stick around, they turn into this guy.

Keep an eye out for when John Callipari adds him to Kentucky’s star factory…