VIDEO: Caltech Breaks 26-Year Conference Losing Streak, Fans Storm Court

  • Glenn Davis

Caltech’s basketball team is just 5-20 this season, but that doesn’t tell the whole story of the team’s futility – nor does the fact that last night’s 46-45 win over Occidental was their first conference win of the year. What does tell the story: that this wasn’t just Caltech’s first conference win of this year, but first since 1985.

26 years, 310 games – any way you decide to look at it, that is one epically long losing streak, and pretty much guaranteed that whenever, however it ended, i wild celebration would ensue (especially if it was a home game). Sure enough, here’s what went down after last night’s win:

And that is a celebration just about everyone except Occidental’s team and fans probably enjoyed. Quickish simply called the moment “so right,” while NPR pronounced story “much more fun” than the Carmelo Anthony trade (the ‘Melo deal getting dragged out for so long didn’t do it any favors in the “fun” category, we’d say). Congrats, though, are in order for the Beavers, and maybe now that the program’s finally broken through and won one of these conference games, a few more might follow so that we’re not talking about another streak like this in 2037.