VIDEO: Fan Behind Erin Andrews Wants You To Know She’s “Hot”

  • Dan Fogarty

During a segment from yesterday’s Kansas – Kansas State game, a large Jayhawks fan got up, pointed at Erin Andrews, and mouthed the word “hot.” So yes: in case you needed to be reminded that the ESPN reporter and Dancing with the Stars contestant is attractive, this bearded Jayhawks fan is here to make sure you never forget.

Andrews, meanwhile, has recently heard rumblings about her journalistic integrity. She signed a deal with Reebok to endorse their ZigTech sneaker line, but during the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, she reported that players’ Nike shoes were causing them to slip.

ESPN’s spokesman Josh Krulewitz said “If an instance of inherent conflict arises, we would obviously be transparent with the audience,” and noted that Andrews doesn’t report on shoes too often.

Here’s video of the Kansas fan’s helpful reminder about Andrews: