Rewind: ESPN Thought Selection Of VCU To NCAA Tournament Made No Sense

  • Dan Fogarty

Much has been made of Jay Bilas‘ comments about VCU’s selection to the NCAA Tournament. The ESPN analyst called the Rams’ selection “indefensible” on Selection Sunday.

But Bilas wasn’t the only one: his fellow college hoops pundits on ESPN also thought VCU’s selection was perplexing.

A couple of things need to be noted here: 1) most people, outside of Richmond, Va., didn’t think the Rams belonged in the tournament, 2) ESPN was far from the only media outlet to think this, 3) an objective person, looking at the Rams’ 2011 resume on Selection Sunday, would probably think the same thing, 4) Although Bilas stands by his original comments, he has also noted that crow “tastes like chicken.”

It’s simply crazy to think that Virginia Commonwealth, one of the last four teams in, a team that lost the last four regular season conference games, is now in the Final Four. To highlight this craziness, let’s take a look back at some of the comments made about VCU on Selection Sunday.

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