What Happened Last Night: Illinois Upset Indiana, Celtics Run The Lakers Out Of The Gym

  • Dylan Murphy

So many basketballs were bouncing, what with the rims and courts and fans and all. College and pro, too! Didn’t happen to catch the action? Well we’ve got you covered.

Illinois upset Indiana on a really weird buzzer-beater.

Not in the sense that the shot was difficult or strange or a cat ran on the court or what have you. No, we say weird because of the ease with which the shot came. Tied at 72 with 0.9 seconds left, Illinois took the ball out from the corner on Indiana’s half of the court. A tight cluster of screens left Hoosier defenders too focused on the guards, and allowed Illinois’ Tyler Griffey to slip towards the basket for a layup. After the game Griffey admitted that he considered dunking the ball, but realized he didn’t have time.

This marks the 5th straight week that No. 1 has fallen, and so college basketball continues to be college basketball. But more importantly, the game came right after a sappy SportsCenter feature on Cody Zeller as “The Big Handsome,” his affectionate nickname. So cute. Look at him humbly soak in the limelight. Look at his Hoosiers lose to a team with a 2-7 record in Big Ten play coming in.

The Los Angeles Lakers took one on the chin against the Boston Celtics.

And then they got stomped a little too for good measure. Paul Pierce had 24 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Kevin Garnett passed 25,000 points for his career, and Dwight Howard left his big boy pants at home, only scoring 9 points and 9 rebounds. The Celtics are now 6-0 without Rajon Rondo, which is odd. But it’s also giving legs to the detractors who predicted the Rondo-less Celtics’ success, which is kind of annoying. But, anyway: the Lakers’ season appears effectively over. Dwight Howard is hurt and playing poorly, Steve Nash can’t stop anyone and Pau Gasol is now out for 4-6 weeks, again. Preseason predictions are fun, aren’t they?