VIDEO: Excitable Announcer Loses Mind After Indiana Beats Illinois

  • Glenn Davis

Last night, Indiana’s basketball program got a key win, narrowly defeating their border rivals from Illinois, 52-49. It was IU’s first win against a ranked opponent (the Illini are currently ranked 21st) in 20 tries, and is, in short, the kind of win Hoosiers coach Tom Crean needs to keep building his program.

But what’s really important is this: Gus Johnson was calling the game, and as you can imagine with such a tight score, he was excited. Witness:

..and just think: this is the middle of conference play. We’re a long way from the NCAAs yet…imagine how amped up Gus will be for those. Either way, it’s calls like the ones above that make you wish someone in charge of all networks carrying college basketball were clairvoyant and could assign Gus to whichever game would be the most exciting.

“And a basket here, this place goes – [basket goes in, place goes crazy] – CRAZY!” How can’t you love that?

[h/t ESPN’s Twitter]