The 2013-14 SportsGrid Power Dunk Power Ratings: Jordan Weethee And Michael Qualls

  • Jake O'Donnell

Virginia Military Institute’s Jordan Weethee is a 6’6″ redshirt sophomore from Greensboro, North Carolina. He stretches before games, warms up with so light wind sprints, then he gets on the floor and cradle dunks his way into internet stardom. The victim? An unnamed Citadel Bulldog who will probably seek counseling after he regains consciousness. Blake Griffin — you’ve been put on notice. This is now the standard bearer for all power dunks from here on out.

Then there’s this beauty from last night, perpetrated against the SIU-Edwardsville, um, Cardinals? Horses? Cardinal-Horses? Ah, the Cougars. Ya, so, playing a big program like Arkansas’ might have seemingly put you on the map, but, lo and behold, it appears that Razorback sophomore Michael Qualls might have just blown you right back off it with this obscene one handed throw down. Was it better than Weethee’s? Does it matter that Qualls didn’t stare into the camera and lick his lips afterwards? Tell us which one you think is better and we’ll give you a free SportsGrid hat!