Coach K Discusses “Uncle Tom” Controversy, Says Fab Five “Didn’t Establish Anything” At Michigan

  • Brad Cohen

Hey, remember when NBA analyst Jalen Rose called black Duke University players “Uncle Toms” in that ESPN documentary? And then a media firestorm ensued? For like two weeks? And then finally it seemed like it was over?

Well, it was. Until today. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski went on “The Waddle Silvy Show” when former Dukie Jay Williams was co-hosting, and was asked about the incident. He said he didn’t want to discuss Rose’s comments … and then he immediately discussed Rose’s comments.

Coach K talked about how insulting the comments were, the decisions not to recruit any Fab Five member besides Chris Webber, and how the Fab Five “didn’t establish anything” at Michigan.

Listen to Krzyzewski’s comments below: