Suspended Coach And Kicked Player Sit Down, Make Uncomfortable, Compelling TV

  • Dan Fogarty

Last month, the head coach at Division III Holy Family University in Philadelphia, pushed and kicked one of his players to the ground, causing him  to injure his wrist and bleed from the mouth. Today, the coach, John O’Connor, and the player, Matt Kravchuk, sat down on Good Morning America to talk about the incident for the first time.

After a short video segment, in which we saw O’Connor break down and cry during an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News, the coach (who has seen a 30 year career virtually go up in smoke) apologized to the player.

“Matt, this was an accident. I was just trying to make us a better team that’s more competitive and in doing so an accident happened. It was unintentional by me, and I’m really sorry that it happened,” he said.

But as host George Stephanopolous pointed out, O’Connor’s kick looked pretty intentional. Also, the apology to Kravchuck came after O’Connor said he felt as if he did nothing wrong.

“To be honest, it’s kind of hard to accept your apology because you claim it’s justified and you claim you weren’t crossing the line,” Kravchuck said.

Watch the full video segment here: