Top Recruit Reaches For Wrong Hat During Selection Press Conference, Sends Illinois Fans Into An Unnecessary Frenzy

  • Jake O'Donnell

You’ve gathered all your Illinois bros to watch the ESPN Signing Day Special, hoping to see a top in-state guy choose your school because it’s just so damn awesome. You actually believed top high school prospects who shatter backboards consider Illinois, didn’t you? You thought this was the beginning of a college basketball dynasty, didn’t you? Then you saw him reach for the Illinois snapback. You could smell an NCAA title. You were on top of the basketball world. He was yours (for literally a tenth of a second).

Psyche. Kansas wins again.

Watch these dudes explode when 6’8″ Chicago native Cliff Alexander “accidentally” grabs the orange hat, instead of the the grey KU one. “You’re not the father!…wait, you are the father.”

Via Deadspin