Trey Burke: Good

  • Glenn Davis

Holy crap. Michigan, which spent most of its Sweet 16 matchup against Kansas keeping things just close enough that you couldn’t quite call it for the Jayhawks just yet, somehow in the end pulled out an 87-85 overtime win. Well, I shouldn’t say somehow – I know exactly how they did it, and the answer is “on the back of Trey Burke.”

The sophomore is the Wolverines’ best player (though the best player on the floor tonight might have been freshman Mitch McGary, who finished with 25 points and 14 rebounds), and as he went tonight, so went the team. Burke was held scoreless in the first half, and Kansas went into the break up 40-34. After that, Burke scored 23, and, well, I already told you what happened in the game. And none of those 23 points were bigger, or ballsier, or more spectacular, than the three that sent the game to overtime. Enough of my blabbering: here’s the three.

Fine line between being a widely-ridiculed goat, as Burke would undoubtedly have been had that (objectively insane) shot not gone in, and the author of a March Madness classic. It so happens that SportsGrid’s own Matt Rudnitsky is a Michigan man, and I texted him shortly after the shot to get an insta-reaction. The response:

My heart still hasn’t beaten

Who could blame him? Not me. You didn’t have to be a UM fan to appreciate what you saw when Burke sank that. Speaking of which: I apologize to the other people in my apartment for the inhuman sound I made when Burke sank that. Actually: no, I don’t. The moment was more than worthy. Now I’m off to watch that shot 100 more times, and I suggest you do the same.

UPDATE: That one guy on the Michigan bench definitely jumps up in celebration before the ball goes in, right? I’m not just seeing things? He might have become almost as infamous as Burke if the shot missed… but clearly his confidence was not misplaced.