VCU’s Campus Descended Into Madness After Rams Shocked Kansas, Made Final Four

  • Brad Cohen

By now you’ve probably heard that nobody believed the 11th-seeded VCU Rams had any chance to make it to the Final Four, that they barely even had a chance to win a game, that they shouldn’t even have been in the tournament in the first place.

The Rams, and head coach Shaka Smart, have turned the doubt into a rallying cry. Smart has been using every underdog coach’s favorite motivation tool: nobody believed in us except ourselves. And really, you can’t blame him, because it’s hard to imagine that anybody truly believed the Rams would have made it to the Final Four—not even VCU students.

But even if most of the student body at VCU didn’t really believe their team would make it this far, it doesn’t mean they have any less right to get excited about it.

So when the Rams shocked the country by beating Kansas for a trip to the Final Four, students ran (literally) to the streets to have the party they deserved:

Then they paraded through campus:

Did a lot of screaming:

And held up camera phones and played dress-up: