Oregon Coach Chip Kelly: Shut Up, You Guys, I’m Talking To Erin Andrews

  • Glenn Davis

Oregon coach Chip Kelly is all business on the football field…even if the moment’s business is a media obligation rather than football itself. After Saturday night’s 41-27 win over Arizona State – his Ducks’ biggest of the year to date, by the way – Kelly briefly talked on the field with Erin Andrews. The problem: while the two conducted the interview, stationed nearby was a group of fans. Rowdy fans – you know, the type our Tim Burke might grab a screenshot of and caption it “douchebags.” (Based on this, he definitely would.) So it was a bit cathartic to see the frustrated Kelly’s reaction to the ruckus:

And it worked. We’re sure the fans just left to act crazy somewhere else, but they left. It is a bit jarring to see a coach react like that to his own team’s fans – no matter how annoying those fans are – and also to see a coach act displeased in any way that their interaction with a media member is being interrupted. But Kelly had to do something, and he did it. Mess with one’s time with Erin Andrews at your peril.

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