Dan Patrick On ESPN’s Suspension Of Bruce Feldman: “Why Isn’t Craig James Suspended Too?”

  • Timothy Burke

Dan Patrick addressed ESPN’s Bruce Feldman controversy Friday morning on his radio program, expressing anger and frustration at the indefinite suspension of the college football journalist for his participation in the writing of former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach‘s book Swing Your Sword.

The book suggests that ESPN’s coverage was biased against Leach, who was dismissed after an incident involving the son of network college football analyst Craig James. (ESPN’s own ombudsman came to the same conclusion.) Leach claims in the book this was on behalf of James, which led Patrick (always wary of ESPN, his former employer and to which he refers as “the mothership”) to ask why Craig James was not also suspended.

Patrick also expressed bewilderment at the indefinite nature of the suspension, highlighting that Pardon The Interruption co-host Tony Kornheiser was only suspended two weeks for his tasteless comments about colleague Hannah Storm and First Take host Dana Jacobson one week for antics executed while she was intoxicated at a celebrity roast. Feldman, meanwhile, gets an indefinite suspension for simply doing his job as a journalist — especially given ESPN approved his participation in the book.

ESPN bans all its employees from appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, and although Feldman could, possibly, get around that due to his suspension, Patrick expressed a disinterest in putting him on the spot.

Listen to the entire segment: