Irony? Accused Auburn Tree Poisoner Is “Living In A Car In The Woods”

  • Dan Fogarty

According to a lawyer for Harvey Updyke, the man accused of poisoning Auburn’s iconic oak trees, he is now living in a car in the woods. While it’s sad that anyone would be living in the woods, it’s kind of impossible not to see the irony in this situation.

A quick rundown in case you’re just joining us: Updyke is a fanatical Alabama football supporter who is accused of poisoning Auburn University’s oak trees with a powerful herbicide. Auburn is Alabama’s biggest rival, and the poisoning of their trees (a symbolic meeting place) has become a national story.

Back to now. A lawyer for Updyke named Glennon Threatt Jr. (at this point, it’s hard to keep track of Updyke’s lawyers – he’s been through a lot of them) talked to local radio host Paul Finebaum. In addition to revealing that Updyke is living in the woods, Threatt also said that Updyke’s mental health has been called into question.

Threatt said “we’re not going to be put in a situation where we’re going to ask where he is insane.”

A friend of Updyke’s named Wayne Barnes also talked to Finebaum, and revealed the extent of Updyke’s Alabama fandom. He confirmed that Updyke has two children named Crimson Tyde Updyke and Bear Bryant Updyke (references to the name of the Alabama team, and its most famous coach, respectively), and that he wanted to name a third child Ally Bama Updyke, but the child’s mother (thankfully) wouldn’t let him.

Barnes also discussed the series of events that led up to the alleged tree poisoning. He said that Updyke did indeed call Finebaum’s radio show under the name “Al from Dadeville,” and laid out, in detail, how he poisoned Auburn’s trees. Apparently, he also bragged about it on an Alabama message board.

[h/t @TheBigLead]