“A Lot Of People Have Sex In Hotels”: Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Somehow Makes His Client Look Worse

  • Glenn Davis

You thought you were getting through the day without hearing something about Jerry Sandusky? Hey, we wish you were too, but alas, here we are. Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, went on TV again today, this time speaking with Good Morning America. As was the case with his first TV appearance, Amendola failed to make his client look any better…because let’s face it, there’s basically nothing Amendola can do to make him look better. (Oh, and Amendola himself hasn’t come out looking great, either.)

Especially noteworthy from the interview below: how Amendola “defends” his client by saying the alleged molestation at Sandusky’s house couldn’t have happened because his house was so crowded, he never had time alone with his accusers. “Like a hotel,” he said. This starts at about the 1:10 mark below. You can imagine how well this line of defense held up with reporter Jim Avila:

Deadspin’s Luke O’Brien also noted exactly how much of a train wreck the exchange (“A lot of people have sex in hotels.” “You’re right they have sex in hotels. But this was a house”) was, but it bears repeating. So…no one has sex in houses, then?

Amendola followed that up by trying to make the evidence against Sandusky look suspect by noting the length of time between the first accuser coming forward and the actual charges. As far as we’re concerned, though, that’s just another reach. The investigation wouldn’t have turned up that many allegations, no matter how long it took, if there weren’t something there. (Hell, if there weren’t something there, Sandusky wouldn’t have admitted to showering with kids.) Amendola has, essentially, an impossible job in front of him. And today, once again, he made it look just that.