LSU’s Les Miles: “I’ve Never Heard Of My Players Being Offered Improper Benefits”

  • Timothy Burke

LSU head football coach Les Miles denied knowledge of his players ever being offered benefits by boosters during an appearance Tuesday on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN Radio show. So, yes, if there’s ever a splashy Sports Illustrated piece on Les Miles’ impropriety, we can all look back at this and have a good chuckle.

“Never. I’ve not seen it, not heard of it, not been a party to it,” Miles responded when asked if he’d heard or sensed one of his players were being tempted with illegal benefits along the lines of those that recently forced Ohio State coach Jim Tressel to resign.

At the same time, Miles expressed sympathy for Tressel, highlighting the disgraced Buckeye coach’s charity work and stating “the negatives could never outweigh the positives” of Tressel’s work.

Miles also weighed in on Jay Bilas‘ argument that players ought to earn compensation for the use of their image while in college, saying “It doesn’t make a lot of sense” and would unfairly weigh recruiting in favor of major programs like his own. Miles instead supports the “full cost of attendance” plan recently proposed by the Big Ten.