‘Squirrel For Heisman’ Campaign May Be A Little Late, But Is Still Awesome

  • Rick Chandler

This just showed up on Reddit, and I have no idea who took the photo. But it is tremendous, and its theme of never giving up on your dreams despite your size, and species, resonates clearly. Just like the movie “Babe”, I suppose. It’s just too bad that squirrels can’t read Internet sports sites, or calendars. Because this effort is about a month late.

Oh well, hopefully he’s an underclassman, so there’s always next season.

By the way, it’s hard to tell: but if this squirrel is actually cradling an acorn, the photo just got 100X better.

Thanks to Ethan Jaynes.

UPDATE: from Facebook:

Rob Sylvester It’ll just be rescinded by the NCAA in 3-4 years when it comes out he under-reported his nut storage