This Is What Al Davis Looked Like When The Raiders Introduced Their New Coach

  • Glenn Davis

The Oakland Raiders recently fired head coach Tom Cable, even if it was tough to figure out exactly why. But now the franchise must focus on the future, under new leader Hue Jackson.

However, one strong link to the Raiders’ proud past remains: owner/general manager/supreme commander/emperor Al Davis. And while many (or most? An overwhelming majority? Literally every single, solitary person on the face of this earth?) would argue that Davis has, to put it mildly, lost his touch, he’s still around, he makes the decisions, and yesterday, he appeared at the team’s press conference to ring in the Jackson era. Here’s what Davis looked like:

OK, we don’t want to get mean here. We’ll just say, in all seriousness: Al Davis does not look well. It’s not that he appears especially old…he’s 81. Looking old would be natural. Davis, on the other hand, looks like something out of the ordinary happened. It looks like might have taken a nasty fall or something along those lines, but whatever did happen, it was…bold of him to make such a high-profile public appearance (apparently) so soon after.

We’ll take the fact that he held the press conference as a sign he’s okay…but he doesn’t entirely look it, does he? Raiders fans better hope he is – as long as he’s breathing, Davis will have final say in Raiders operations – and that his latest hire is the right man to finish the job of turning the Raiders around. (And, of course, doesn’t inspire a diatribe from Davis when the Raiders hire their next coach.)

h/t and photos via SB Nation