Arena League Coach Arrested For Assaulting Opposing Team’s Assistant GM In Fight Over Cheerleaders

  • Rick Chandler

Someone missed a sure thing by not making a reality series out of the day-to-day happenings of the Jacksonville Sharks. Here’s the latest.

The Arena League Football team had just played host to the San Jose SaberCats on Saturday when an altercation broke out near the San Jose locker room. When it was all over, San Jose assistant coach Cedric Walker, 42, had been arrested for battery of Jacksonville assistant general manager Tim Johnson, 68. But that doesn’t do justice to what actually happened. Here’s the Florida Times-Union account:

The argument started when two Sharks cheerleaders who were exiting their locker room were confronted by the Sharks owner who complained the cheerleaders were on the field when they shouldn’t be, according to a police report. Laura Bouchy, a Sharks co-owner intervened, the report said.

Times-Union sportswriter Don Coble said the confrontation became so heated that cheerleaders ran to the media room and hid under desks.

Outstanding so far. Let’s continue.

Coble said he told police several San Jose coaches and players also confronted Sharks Assistant General Manager Tim Johnson, 68, and the argument quickly escalated. Johnson was pushed against the wall, and when he turned to walk away he was pushed again.

Coble said Jacksonville trainer Josh Gregoire tried to step in but was struck in the head, though that allowed Johnson, followed by SaberCats personnel, to make a dash for a nearby foyer where he found police. Johnson then collapsed, complaining of chest pains, Coble said.

A witness told police Johnson was hit in the face and his nose was bloodied.

Johnson was treated for a concussion, said the report, but did not suffer a heart attack.

Walker was arrested later in the parking lot and charged with battery on a person 65 years or older, which in Florida is a felony. He was released on bond on Sunday.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the SaberCats on Sunday said the incident was fueled by “alleged racial epithets” directed at San Jose coaches.

The SaberCats called the incident “unfortunate” in a statement released by the team Sunday.

The altercation, according to the SaberCats statement, stemmed from “a verbal confrontation involving alleged racial epithets directed toward members of the SaberCats coaching staff by a front office official of the Sharks. The Jacksonville Police Department is currently investigating the situation and the
organization will have no further comment at this time.”

The Arena Football League is also launching an investigation.

Then there was this:

The fight follows last week’s arrest of the Sharks’ sports medicine director, Douglas Michael Kleiner, 49, on charges of trafficking in and dispensing controlled substances, dispensing medications without a license and practicing medicine without a license. Kleiner has since resigned.

So tell me again why Tim Tebow wouldn’t want to be involved in this league? So much drama, so many people he could counsel, so many illegal substances and terrified cheerleaders.