BC Lions Create Gay Pride Version Of Logo, Feel Homophobic Internet Wrath

  • Rick Chandler

So the BC Lions made a rainbow flag version of their logo in honor of Gay Pride Weekend in Vancouver, and placed it on their Facebook page (logo seen below). Seems rather nice and innocuous. But before long, things started getting very homophobic on that page.

Here were some of the Facebook responses, via Outsports:

• I thought we roared, not meowed

• Unacceptable!!! Not impressed!!!

• So lets see if I have this right… someone doesn’t agree with you so they automatically get labelled as ” haters ” ( even though they don’t hate you, they just don’t agree with you ) and ” homophobic ” which is a pretty ridiculous statement as a phobia is a debilitating fear that causes you to lose control of your faculties and thought processes. Excuse me if I find the thought of one man sticking his penis up another man “pooper ” ( to put it politely ) repulsive. I does not mean that I am afraid that I’m going to become a homosexual if I end up being in the same room as them nor do I want to cause them ill will. So all you ” ignorant heterophobic haters ” ( see how dumb that sounds ) can stop crying foul just because there are people who don’t agree with you and don’t feel like we have to support you.

• God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

• My sexual preference, religion and politics have NOTHING to do with the CFL and vice versa! Not impressed with this PR stunt.

• If I wore a tee saying “Proud to be Straight” I would be ridiculed! Just saying think about it…..it’s not politically correct.

Oh, Canada …

We knew that gay athletes would have a tough time being accepted in the junior high locker room that is much of professional sports — but it seems that much of fandom is also stuck in Medieval thinking. Or, maybe it’s just Vancouver? I’d always thought of that city as rather forward-thinking. Guess I was wrong.