Chad Ochocinco Isn’t Getting Any Support At Home

  • Glenn Davis

Chad Ochocinco’s not doing a whole lot with the Patriots. Through five games, he’s caught nine passes for 136 yards and has yet to score a touchdown (though he did drop a potential score). The partnership with Tom Brady isn’t working the wonders on Ochocinco that it once did for Randy Moss; it’s actually making Ochocinco’s numbers go down because the Patriots have so many other options. And people are noticing – not the least of whom is Ochocinco’s fiancee, Evelyn Lozada. You can see Lozada wearing Ochocinco’s jersey on her online store’s page, but the tributes stop there. Here’s a sampling of available merchandise:

Ouch. Lozada further rubbed it in here, though Ochocinco seems to be taking it well (check his profile image, also). Hey, if Ochocinco couldn’t take a joke, he probably wouldn’t do things like…everything he does, basically.

And as far as being a non-factor on the field – it’s not so bad, really. The Patriots just have a bunch of really good receivers. Wes Welker has the most receving yards in the league by a long shot. You won’t find a better duo of pass-catching tight end teammates in the NFL than Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. And if Deion Branch keeps up the pace he’s on, he’ll post nearly 1,000 receiving yards himself. Ochocinco’s the fifth option. Not indispensable, but on a team like the Patriots – and for a guy who, at 33, probably should be on the downside of his career anyway – one could do a lot worse.

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