It’s DeAndre Hopkins’ Turn To Post Something Sexually Explicit On The Internet By Mistake

  • Eric Goldschein

deandre hopkinsUnfortunately for civilized society, we have combined the technology to take photos and videos with the ability to post things instantaneously to the world wide web. With this kind of power, mistakes are inevitable. DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans is just the latest person to make an unfortunate social media/private message mixup, and now there’s a video of him masturbating online.

Hopkins posted the video to Instagram, then promptly deleted the video, then this tweet appeared:

Hacked, eh? Sure.

Anyway, Black Sports Online has a screenshot of the video, so if you’re into that kind of thing, go here (NSFW).

People, please: If you’re going to send sexually explicit material via your cell phone (note: NOT RECOMMENDED), you need to double, triple and then quadruple check that you’re sending it via the correct app. Otherwise, we’re going to see your penis.


Photo via Getty