Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Returned From Injury, Did A Glorious Rendition Of The Ray Lewis Dance

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Last we heard from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, he was injured warming up to do the Ray Lewis dance, part of his wager with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake he had to fulfill after his Broncos lost to the Ravens on Divisional Weekend. Folks: The injury was not a sham. Hancock healed, fulfilled his promise and then some. And it was terrific.

Hancock is a sport. He could’ve just called a few photographers, a videographer, do the dance privately, ship it to Baltimore and call that that. But no. He staged a fake meeting with his advisers, hired a legit videographer, and staged a scene in which he interrupts a meeting, reads the headline of his Broncos losing, tosses it down in shame, queues the Nelly and mood lighting, does Ray’s dance, wishes Ray luck in the Super Bowl, and sits down for the meeting.

Good for you, Michael Hancock. These wager things are usually silly (the Super Bowl winner is gonna get CRABS), but you did it right. Let’s hope the Broncos can be back in January and keep losing for years to come.