Did NY Daily News Take Things Too Far With This ‘Redskins-Nazis-Confederates’ Cartoon?

  • Rick Chandler

Opening the morning paper and seeing your team logo displayed like this has to be a shock to the system: once the editorial cartoonists get hold of you, it’s very tough to break away intact.

Since the 16th Century we humans have been skewering unpopular people or institutions with caricature and allusion: which has often been proven to be just as mighty as the sword. But sometimes, things go too far. Does this one by veteran cartoonist Tom Stiglich represent one of those times?

It’s no secret how we at this site feel about the antiquated, sad, infuriating nickname and logo of the Washington D.C. football team. If it was within our power to make Daniel Snyder walk barefoot down the Trail of Tears for even five minutes we would do so. But when you turn up the hyperbole machine to 11, sometimes it actually hurts your cause instead of helping it.

That being said, this New York Daily News cartoon isn’t that farfetched. Our shameful history with the Native American population is indeed rife with stories of genocide and enslavement, and the cartoon here seeks to highlight what these symbols represent, not just what is happening in the current day.

But it seems that every intense debate sooner or later brings comparisons to Hitler, and the side that gets there first is usually the side that loses.

Let’s see how other cartoonists have tackled this issue: