San Francisco’s Mayor Enlists The Help Of Brian Wilson, Ronnie Lott In Surreal Campaign Video

  • Glenn Davis

This started making viral waves yesterday, but we can’t not post it. San Francisco interim mayor Ed Lee is seeking a full term. To help get that message out there, he released the above video, which features local sports icons like Giants closer Brian Wilson and 49er legend Ronnie Lott, among other noteworthy figures, pledging their support. Or maybe they’re all just dancing and mouthing the words to a parody version of MC Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit,” politics be damned.

We’re not sure what this will do for Lee politically, but we definitely fear the mustache. Remember that fake Alvin Greene rap video/LeBron highlight reel last year? This may actually be crazier. And speaking of crazy political ads…the new bar has been set. Your move, Herman Cain.

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