A Blow-By-Blow Account Of The Fred Davis Lawsuit, Which Is The Strangest Lawsuit Involving A Female Pimp We’ve Seen Today

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis has been involved in an 18-month legal battle that is among the strangest we’ve ever seen. Makini Chaka, a 33-year old woman that Davis alleges to be a “pimpette,” was granted a temporary restraining order with regard to Davis back in January 2011, and later sued for a permanent one. The case has not yet been resolved, and will go to trial on March 11, 2013. Oh, and to make this just a bit screwier: Davis has represented himself to this point. He argued his case in a preliminary hearing on April 10th.

Let’s dive into the details here, which go well beyond “screwy” and comfortably enter “completely batshit” territory.

The two met in 2008 through the club scene, and were “acquaintances” for a while (Davis said they never dated, nor were they “friends”). According to Davis, he distanced himself from Chaka after she was engaged in multiple instances of violence against women. Davis’s bodyguard testified that she’s had a “personal vendetta” against Davis ever since, and that she was “infuriated” when she wanted him to pick him up for a party and he refused. (Chaka’s records do indicate the violent history that Davis suggested.)

Then the real issues happened on January 6, 2011 (aren’t there always issues when you’re dealing with angry female pimps?).

Davis’s friends threw him a surprise party at Josephine Nightclub and lounge in DC. His table was getting crowded, so a promoter told him to move to a bigger one, which happened to be located near Chaka. Davis said he was trying to be “cordial,” so he let Chaka know that he’d be sitting near her. He put his hand on her wrist to get her attention. Chaka claims he called her a “bitch” while this was happening. She proceeded to throw her Ciroq and pineapple juice in his face. A few minutes later, Davis snuck up on her and dumped a pitcher of juice on her head. (Juice fight!)

Chaka claims that the plastic container thrown at her cut her lip. The police report contradicts this, saying that video footage shows she got the cut from an incidental elbow. Chaka says they “changed the actual report” because of Davis’s “celebrity.” Chaka refused to provide the tape to The Washingtonian, yet claimed she possessed it. She also claims that Davis continually violates the temporary restraining order and “harasses” her, and that he “blacklisted” her from DC nightclubs with his influence, and that he once impersonated Santana Moss on the phone to keep her out of one, saying no Redskins would go if she was allowed in. She claims this has lost her business and clients, and she wants compensation. Davis says she’s extorting him.

Of course, Chaka says it’s not about money. To prove that, she boasted a bit. Davis claims she’s a “pimpette,” providing prostitutes for athletes. A man named “Prince,” who has worked as Davis’s bodyguard and is also friends with Chaka, backed up the claim that Chaka is a “madam/pimpette,” saying that it’s widely known in DC. Chaka denied that, describing herself as a “celebrity broker who organizes parties for sports and entertainment stars.” She claimed that she does well and doesn’t need money from Davis, citing that one of her main clients, Willis McGahee, “happens to be a first round draft pick. He makes over 40 million dollars… yet you’re saying that I want to get Mr. Davis for money and he’s a second-round draft pick, and his, he doesn’t even gross anywhere close to Willis.” Boom, roasted, Fred! For the record, McGahee is a veteran with significantly more career earnings than Davis, but Davis is making much more than McGahee this season. She also name-dropped Snoop Dogg, Vonta Leach and others as clients.

Chaka also claimed that Davis is “making it hard for me to come out of my house because I don’t know what he’s going to do to me… I am 5’4 inches tall and 110 pounds and am afraid that I will be attacked again by this man whom is 6’4 and 260 pounds.” Misuse of “whom” aside, she says this is why she’s suing, that she just wants him to leave her alone; she doesn’t want his money.

It’s strange that a rich athlete is representing himself, and part of Davis’s closing argument was that “it’s just all made up and flagellant.” I like his vocab, but I’m not sure how the case is “flagellant.” It’s unclear how this will play out, but Fred should probably get himself a lawyer. If I were Fred, I’d hire RGIII.

[h/t Big Lead; Washintonian]