Grading The 4 Most Confusing ESPN Fantasy Football Projections For Week 6: Thomas, Murray, Nicks & Cruz, And The Broncos D/ST

  • Jake O'Donnell

(Based on standard ESPN scoring)

As the season rolls on, ESPN gets better and better at predicting how any given player will perform any given Sunday. More games means more data which means more clarity when the eggheads over at ESPN go into that nerd bunker where they formulate their projections. So finding “bad” projections becomes increasingly harder for us.

What we’re trying to say is that we shat the bed in Week 5. Here’s what happened:

– We thought Chris Johnson would struggle against the Chiefs and go for less than 10 points and he ended up with 13 (thanks to a few key receptions, which made him look like the old CJ2K)
– We thought Brady was being dissed with ESPN’s projection of 15 points — and he had the worst game of his career with 5
– Bills receiver Robert Woods did almost exactly what ESPN projected him to do, which was score 5 points (he had 6), and we thought that was low
– Jay Cutler was projected for 8 points against the Saints and he went for 22, which we nailed

So that leaves us at 1-3 for Week 5, and 12-7 on the season. Still above .500. Stick with us, we’re gonna grind this one out this week with some help from the Denver Broncos. Let us know what you think…