Guy Who Received Tim Tebow Fathead Instead Of Tom Brady Will Be First To Receive Tebow-As-Patriot Fathead

  • Rick Chandler

The first question I guess is, how the hell did Fathead know? You may recall that last week some Patriots’ fan ordered a Tom Brady Fathead for his office, and instead received a Tim Tebow one. Annoying, but hilarious. After the guy posted his complaint on Reddit, Fathead was quick to rectify the problem — sending dude, for free, every Brady Fathead in their catalog (there were like 13 of ’em).

So now today’s news hits: Tebow to the Patriots. It’ll be Brady and Tebow together, although not necessarily playing the same position. Anyway, now Fathead gets another shot free publicity. The company said today that it will ship its first fathead of Tebow in a Patriots uniform to the guy who got the Tebow Fathead by mistake.

The exec was happy to take credit for the trend and looked forward to building on it.

“All of those rabid Tebow fans and rabid New England fans, now they all have to get along,” Fathead VP of public relations Brian Stevenson said. “And we feel like we started that. We feel like we bridged the gap and now we can get past it and we can hopefully sell the rest of the Tebow in his Jets uniform.

“Now, we’ll just wait for the great, new Tebow in New England Fathead. And we’ll send it to the masses. And the first one that we send out will be to the Reddit user who started it all.”

How much wall space does this Fathead customer have? Not enough, I’m reckoning.