The Jaguars Would Beat Alabama 91.4% Of The Time

  • Matt Rudnitsky

What would happen if Nick Saban and the Alabama football team played the worst teams in the NFL?

Well, we finally have some semblance of an idea. Obviously the simulations aren’t perfect here, but the folks at Prediction Machine did a damn good job. As you may have guessed, Alabama’s best chance of winning was against the Jacksonville Jaguars. They would still get killed.

Don’t feel so bad about yourself, Eli Manning. You could totally shred an SEC defense.

But here’s the really funny part: As bad as their expected beating would be, it’s not as bad as the Jags’ beating from the Seahawks was expected to be, and it’s not especially close to the Broncos’ projected beating of the Jags next week.

For context, the most likely straight-up victory of the NFL season thus far came in the Jacksonville @ Seattle game, where the Seahawks were 95.0% likely to win over the Jaguars. Jacksonville @ Denver will likely top that number in two weeks. So Alabama, or any college team, against even the worst NFL teams is like watching the Jaguars play the Seahawks or Broncos. There isn’t a lot to say except that you are going to start every Seahawks/Broncos player in fantasy.

So, the gap between Alabama and Jacksonville isn’t as big as the gap between Jacksonville and Seattle or Denver. (Let’s not even discuss the gap between Alabama and Denver.)

Ipso facto, Katherine Webb wouldn’t have sex with Blaine Gabbert. Go Jags!

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