Smooth Talkin’ Jacoby Jones Ends Interview With NBC’s Michelle Tafoya With A “Thank You, Gorgeous” And A Wink

  • Dylan Murphy

There was nothing particularly gorgeous about last night’s 13-10 win by the Baltimore Ravens over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though most Ravens-Steelers showdowns lack aesthetic value, so that shouldn’t come as any surprise. Still, Jacoby Jones managed to find some beauty in a drag-it-out, knockdown football fight in his postgame interview with NBC’s Michelle Tafoya.

After finishing up answering her questions about his 63-yard punt return TD and next week’s matchup, smooth talkin’ Jones casually winked and slipped in a “Thank you, gorgeous.” Tafoya was clearly thrown off guard, though the Joe Namath-Suzy Kolber incident from a few years ago still takes the cake for awkward sideline encounters. Then again, we really like Bill Plaschke’s style.

And as our own Glenn Davis points out, this isn’t the first time Tafoya’s looks have been complimented on camera – lost in that famous “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLEEEEE!” Kevin Garnett interview are his kind words of flattery towards Tafoya, who looks good, girl (skip to 1:38).

[NBC Sports]