What Do You Get An NFL Team That Just Won The Super Bowl? How About Some Scotch

  • Tom Lorenzo

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, a now two-time Super Bowl champion, helped to commemorate Sunday’s victory over the New England Patriots by giving each of his teammates a personalized gift.

Opting for a more classy celebratory offering, Tuck bought personalized bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch. Each bottle is engraved with the player’s name on it and the words “Super Bowl XLVI Champions.” How about that. Check out the Jason Pierre-Paul bottle:

In honor of what some are calling one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history, Tuck gave Giants wideout Mario Manningham a bottle with the words “The Catch” engraved on it. Tuck said that he wanted to do something special for his teammates as a way to thank them for the hard work and effort they put into becoming, now, for many of them, two-time champions.

I’m no expert gift giver, but you have to figure this one is much cooler than the special offering some smug Pawn Shop owners left for Wes Welker in Boston this morning.