LaRon Landry Does Not Look Real Anymore

  • Dan Fogarty

LaRon Landry has is one of the hardest-hitting strong safeties in football. But, as these recent Twitter photos posted by Landry show, he has ceased looking like a strong safety, and has begun to look more like a strong… bodybuilder? Cartoon character? Photoshopped space alien?

I know after you work out, you look bigger than you actually are because of bloodlflow and pumps and whatnot. But this is ridiculous. UPDATE: Some folks are crying “fake!”, noting that Landry is missing a tattoo in photo 1. Which makes this whole thing even weirder, because Landry re-tweeted photo 1 from his own account. UPDATE 2: I’m dumb. That second photo is taken in a mirror, as Derek Ponamsky pointed out, meaning what appears to be his right arm is actually on his left. These photos look like they’re the real deal.

[LaRon Landry is looking quite large] DC Sports Bog