Ex-Center/Fat Guy Matt Birk Is Now A Ripped Model, As You Can See Here

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Matt Birk, longtime Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens center, made a career out of being the strange combination of being very intelligent, strong, quick and fat. But he retired from the NFL, and he wants to become a model. This would not be possible if he looked like he used to look. Fortunately for him, he no longer looks like that.

Matt Birk Shirtless

He’s lost an incredible 75 pounds and 10 inches from his waist. Frankly, he looks like he’s ready for an episode of “Baywatch.”

Birk is in the running to be the next Vi Model, which would feature him on the cover of The Challenge Magazine 2014 and turn him into the poster boy for Body By Visalus, a company that has the ultimate mission of ending obesity.

He reportedly wanted to come back and help the Ravens win another Super Bowl, but decided that ending obesity would be easier.


Photo via Baltimore Ravens