Redesigned 32 NFL Logos To Look Like European Soccer Club Badges

  • Jake O'Donnell

The design geniuses over at developed this idea as a labor of love. That’s right, this isn’t some top secret prototype for a complete overhaul of every NFL logo, nor is it the next step in Obama’s Euro-ification of America (you’ll have to pry this turquoise Jaguar from my cold, dead fingers!) It’s just a brilliant idea that six guys in Minnesota decided they had to do — and we’re glad they did. These NFL badges look awesome.

[]About us. About this. And about why. We are six coworkers based in Minneapolis, MN. And we love design. We also love football. Both kinds. So we created a simple experiment that explores how American football team logos would look through the lens of four European styles: German, English, Spanish and Italian. Our goal is to create, and release, four sets of 32 logos over the course of the american football season. To keep up with our release announcements, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Please follow them, like them, or just give them a shout out on on Twitter and/or Facebook. Here are our favorites (and their corresponding NFL logos, as well as their presumed European inspirations).


NFL Logos via

Redesigned Soccer Badges via Football As Football