Only Marcus Vick Is Stupid Enough To Respond To A PETA Tweet

  • Rick Chandler

Note to Marcus Vick: PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, trolls animal abusers for a living. They are the Seal Team Six publicity seeking: every response they get is a victory, because it shines light on their cause. When your brother signed with the Jets, of course PETA was going to “still be on that”, because that’s their reason for existence. The Michael Vick dog abuse saga is their main cause célèbre, and by responding to their tweet, you gave it renewed life. People all over the world are now saying to themselves, “Oh yeah, Michael Vick electrocuted dogs. Almost forgot.”

So, nicely played* (*sarcasm). But then that’s no surprise, because you’re Marcus Vick.

More than one theory on this: