Replacement Ref Tosses His Hat Into Cowboys Receiver Kevin Ogletree’s Way Just For Fun

  • Joe Levine

Referees throw flags. Referees sometimes throw the football. Very rarely do referees throw their hat, but when they do, it’s usually to signify something like a where the ball should be marked or a penalty occurred. But these are all things referees do. Replacement referees? They’re a whole ‘nother beast.

Take this replacement ref in the Dallas Cowboys-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, for example. Watch as he tosses his hat into the field of play for seemingly no reason and, coincidentally enough, causes Dallas receiver Kevin Ogletree to slip and miss a chance at a touchdown reception.

Ogletree Slip

Although we all miss the strict, no-nonsense nature of normal referees, you have to love the prankster nature of the replacement referee. It’s like the “N” in “NFL” now stands for “Nickelodeon Guts.” Here’s hoping we get some endzone Aggro Crag before the season is through.

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