Report: The Patriots Put Gronk Through Unnecessary Surgery

  • Eric Goldschein


Do you miss Rob Gronkowski? Are you wondering why it’s taken so long for him to come back from a broken forearm, which he first suffered last November? As it turns out, the Patriots organization might be at fault for the way Gronk’s injury has been handled, and why he has yet to take the field this year.

According to Mike Petraglia of WEEI, Gronk’s original injury — which happened Week 11 against the Colts last year — might have healed properly on its own, without surgery. But the Pats, who at the time were 7-3 and would go on to finish the year 12-4, wanted their star tight end back quickly and put him under the knife in an attempt to “hasten” his return. The result: He re-injured his arm against the Texans in the first round and was lost for the year, and has since suffered setbacks in the form of infections.

Now there is “serious concern” about the integrity of his forearm bone, which is why, despite talk of Gronk’s return this Sunday against the Saints, he has still not been cleared to play. There have also been reports of contention between Gronk’s inner circle and the Patriots, which no doubt stems from the fact that the Pats appeared to have put their own success ahead of their player’s health (whether they actually meant to do that is another story, but appearances are everything).

So in their rush to have Gronkowski back for a 2012 run, the Patriots may have compromised their 2013 season and the health of a guy they just gave a massive contract extension. Patriot Way!

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