Richard Seymour Decks Ben Roethlisberger, Promptly Ejected (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

As of this writing, the Steelers enjoy a 28-3 lead over the Raiders, but you can bet people will be talking about more than the result from this one. What else will be on their minds? Most likely, the incident above, in which the Raiders’ Richard Seymour took exception to something Ben Roethlisberger said…and shoved Roethlisberger right in the face, knocking him over…and earning himself an ejection.

In Seymour’s defense, Roethlisberger did appear to talk a little trash in his face, prompting the retaliation. Despite that, you (obviously) have to rein in that retaliation a bit more than Seymour did. Seymour’s outburst is great for a site like ours. Great for the Raiders? That’s another matter. We do, however, suspect – not that we’re condoning this – that a whole lot of people out there are envious of the shot Seymour got in at Roethlisberger.