Richard Sherman Admits That Erin Andrews Interview Was Somewhat Scripted (Video)

  • Rick Chandler

Richard Sherman spoke at the Adobe marketing summit in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, delivering the keynote address and answering some questions in an onstage Q&A session. That’s where he kind of let the cat out of the bag, admitting what many already suspected: he knew he was mic’d up for the NFL Network during the NFC Championship game, and so had some semi-scripted dialogue ready in case he made a big play.

He just didn’t know that his heroics would be so well-timed, like, the last play of the game when he deflected a pass meant for the 49ers’ Michael Crabtree which gave the Seahawks the win. Sherman:

“You can kind of formulate a plan of what to execute after the game, and what to say if certain events happen, if I intercept the ball for the game or you make a big play.

“I think if the play had happened a little earlier in the game, I would have still delivered the same message but it wouldn’t have been as emotional, the volume wouldn’t have been as high, the delivery would have been a lot more calm and reserved. But it would have been the same message, so it would have gotten the same buzz, the same effect. Maybe Erin Andrews wouldn’t have been so scared and horrified.”

So it was more script than serendipity, but hey, pro sports is a business, and a good businessman always comes prepared. It was still incredible timing for Sherman, though, and I think he’s wrong about one thing. If that play had occurred early in the fourth quarter, and had still decided the game, no way would we still be talking about it now. It would have been just another Super Bowl play.