Richie Incognito Didn’t Seem Like A Bully In His Big Fox Sports Interview, But That Was The Point

  • Eric Goldschein

richie incognitoYesterday, Fox Sports aired Jay Glazer’s big exclusive interview with Richie Incognito, the man at the center of the Jonathan Martin bullying controversy. There have been nearly too many pieces of this puzzle to count — they were friends! they were enemies! strip clubs! molestation! miscommunication! — and as new information comes to light on a daily basis, we seem to get further from the truth. Unfortunately, even the extended interview fails to do more than increase the size of the gray area between everyone’s version of the story.

In the 10-minute clip below, Incognito comes off as a contrite, confused and hurt man who has watched his recently-reclaimed reputation go down the tubes. He claims ignorance of having hurt anyone’s feelings; he appears to understand the gravity of his having used the “n-word” in the now infamous voicemail he left Martin; he says he would have backed off if Martin had asked him to; he defends himself as a good person whose vulgar words have been taken out of their locker room context. Basically, he doesn’t seem like a bully.

But how many of Incognito’s words are real, and how many are part of a carefully sculpted public relations effort to salvage his life and career? This interview appears to be heavily edited and seems to gloss over important topics, such as “the incident at the golf course.” But now that Incognito has spoken publicly, in some capacity, the only party that has who yet to do so is Martin himself. To this point, whether because of the refusal of the Dolphins to back Martin over Incognito or because of the perception that Martin violated the locker room code, Martin isn’t winning the public opinion war. That’s something he’ll have to do before we get any closer to the heart of the matter.

For now, watch Incognito give his take on the situation. For some levity, note Glazer’s disclaimer at the beginning of the piece, wherein he admits that he’s trained Incognito in MMA, which, ha ha.