What Happened Last Night: The Saints Won, The Eagles Are A Mess, And The Heat Looked Like The Heat

  • Glenn Davis

Didn’t watch sports last night? Well, you missed Monday Night Football and a robust NBA schedule, so we hope you’re happy with yourself. And hey, maybe you are, since you probably know we’re about to catch you up on the action anyway. On this election day, consider this post our little civic duty. So let’s get to it, shall we?

The Saints are getting on track, and the Eagles are way, way off it.

The Saints’ 0-4 start is looking like a more and more distant memory each week. The same could be said for the Eagles going 3-1 over the season’s first quarter. The Saints scored a 28-13 win over the Eagles at home last night, and while both teams now sit at 3-5 on the year, they’ve got two very different outlooks going forward. The Eagles have lost four in a row. Andy Reid’s on the hot seat. Michael Vick was sacked seven times last night, and had an interception returned 99 yards for a touchdown. In fact, the Eagles’ turnovers were both in the red zone, essentially the difference between them making a game of it and being beaten handily.

The Saints? Well, their defense still can’t stop anyone (the Eagles racked up 447 total yards, including 221 on the ground), but they’ve won three of four games, and Drew Brees is playing like Drew Brees (21-for-27 passing last night, though he also lost a fumble). If the defense can keep forcing costly turnovers and Brees stays in peak form? That’s a scary combination for any Saints opponent. The only problem? The stretch of schedule they have coming up is murderous: two games against the unbeaten Falcons and one against the Niners in their next four. The road to the playoffs still travels steeply uphill, but Saints fans still have to feel a lot better than they did a few weeks ago.

In NBA news…

A lot going on in the Association last night. The Heat put together their most dominant performance of the young season, overwhelming the Suns 124-99 and hitting on 15 of 26 threes. When the Heat shoot like that, they’re probably not losing to anyone. LeBron James had 23 points and 11 rebounds in just 30 minutes, but also recorded just one assist. He’s basically the worst payer in basketball history. He’s no O.J. Mayo, that’s for sure – Mayo poured in 32 to help the probably-should-not-be-3-1-without-Dirk Mavs thrash the Blazers, 114-91.

Elsewhere: the T-Wolves said hello to Brooklyn by blowing the Nets off the court in the fourth quarter, outscoring them 32-10 to come away with a 107-96 win. The Spurs put together a Spursy 101-79 smothering of the Pacers, and in an intriguing late West Coast matchup, the Cavs turned away the Clippers, 108-101. Kyrie Irving shot just 8-for-23, but made a key last-minute three and finished with 24 points and 10 assists. And Dion Waiters, the guy many thought Cleveland was reaching for by drafting fourth overall? He scored 28. It’s very early, of course, but the Cavs might have something going again in a post-LeBron world.

While he lost on this night, though, let’s not forget Chris Paul. Why?

Because Chris Paul is still a god, that’s why. (Gif by CJ Fogler.)

Again, election day. Vote, even though the odds that your vote in particular will actually impact anything are infinitesimal. It’s pretty cool that you can vote at all, and the “you shouldn’t complain about whatever an elected official does unless you at least went to trouble of voting for or against that person” rule seems to make sense to me. If you’d rather take a symbolic stand by not voting all, you can – I’m just saying, probably better to do it than not.

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