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Stephen A. Smith Asks Why Kaepernick Won’t Protest Black On Black Violence?

Stephen A. Smith Asks Why Kaepernick Won’t Protest Black On Black Violence?
  • Jake O'Donnell

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit for the National Anthem over the weekend has, as you might’ve expected, become a lightning rod for criticism — though many are applauding his intention to bring awareness to the plight of the black community in America. As you might’ve also expected, ESPN’s loudest, most controversial talking head had a pretty fiery take on the subject this morning, namely, that Kaepernick should also protest the black community for all that killing that they’re killing at each other.

Um, righttttt…

“If there is any problem that I have with this,” Smith said on Monday’s show. “Is that just as you are willing to bring attention to brutality on the part of police officers, I hope that all of these athletes, all of us in the media and beyond are willing to bring just as much attention to black on black violence.”

Ya, because like Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, it is incumbent upon oppressed people to figure out a way around the structures of institutional racism. It’s their fault. Duh!

Predictably, the reaction to Smith’s comments has been resoundingly negative…

Smith even added a salient counterpoint — which was made by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson on “First Take” last Friday — essentially disproving the premise that intraracial violence is some isolated crises afflicting only the black community. “White folks are killing white folks,” he quoted Dyson as saying. “Latino folks are killing latino folks — people in the same neighborhood with each other is who they usually kill.” Smith then twisted the issue of black on black crime into some greater point about how it shrinks the country’s African American population, which gives the African American community less political power as a voting bloc.

Cool trick, bruh.

Jake O'Donnell

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