At Long Last: Taiwanese Animation Of The Brett Favre Controversy (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Taiwanese joke news animation gurus NMA have brought us all sorts of joy, from Christine O’Donnell to the Chilean miners all the way back to Tiger Woods. So really, it was only matter of time before they took on Brett Favre and his supposed inappropriate calls and penis photos. But does that mean we’re any less excited now that their Favre video is officially out? Of course not.

The title (“Brett Favre’s pecker the talk of the town”) is perfect, the depiction of Favre is…interesting (this certainly does not mean “realistic”), it’s got angry Cheeseheads, and the hearts in Favre’s eyes (or rather, the hearts Favre’s eyes become) when he sees Sterger are priceless.

There’s also a unique interpretation of the NFL’s investigative process, lasers(!) and some hilarious backing music. Oh, and Bill Clinton. So what are you waiting for? Video below.

H/T Katie Baker/Will Leitch’s retweet of same