The Tennessean Briefly Makes Very Poor Headline Choice (Photo)

  • Glenn Davis

Here at SportsGrid, we freely admit we enjoy juvenile laughs at the expense of questionably-worded headlines. (See here for proof.) Sure, we’re technically adults, but some well-placed innuendo still gets us. Just one of those things.

So when we saw the headline you’ll see below, we were, of course, delighted. Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Derek Cox, you see, has a rather interesting outlook on football: he cares, but he won’t let the game fully define him, and explains himself in a thoughtful way. Example:

“Football is what I do. It doesn’t define me…If you look at the grand scheme of it, a football career, that’s a smidgen of your life. Even the guys that play double-digit years, it’s a smidgen of their lifetime and their life span. While I’m doing it, I give it my all. My passion is there and desire will always remain.”

Well, the Tennessean thought he was worth a story. We don’t blame them. He seems like an interesting guy. But the headline you see in that link was not the headline the paper originally used. Rather…well, here’s the photo:


Of course, people went crazy. Nashville Scene loved it, while one Reddit user called it the best sports headline they’d ever seen. And we won’t argue. It’s along these lines, though that one had to be intentional.

And hey – maybe the Tennessean’s was intentional, too. A jokester intern could well have written that headline before an editor said, “Hey, wait a minute,” and realized the entire world would laugh at it. But to whoever wrote it in its original form, we salute you. You’ve provided plenty of people’s days with more entertainment. Isn’t that what people read the sports section for, anyway?


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