Terrelle Pryor Doesn’t Know The Words To OSU’s Fight Song, And Other Revelations

  • Timothy Burke

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor sat down with Jon Gruden in an interview aired Thursday night on ESPN’s QB Camp, the first major interview for Pryor since his announcement he would leave school and declare for the NFL Supplemental Draft.

Pryor, accused by the NCAA of accepting improper benefits and by ESPN of earning more than $20,000 signing memorabilia, spent most of the hour being grilled by Gruden about his football prowess and abilities. Pryor’s agent Drew Rosenhaus barred ESPN from asking any questions about the allegations that led to Pryor’s exit from Ohio State, so that’s exactly how Gruden opened the interview:

Pryor expressed regret at not being able to finish his degree and at no longer being able to compete in front of Buckeye fans:

And what did Pryor do with those tens of thousands of dollars he earned in violation of the NCAA? Charity, he claims:

Alas, Pryor admits not knowing the words to Ohio State fight song “Across The Field:”

Pryor revealed he still talks regularly with former Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel, who resigned in disgrace due in part to Pryor’s violations:

With speculation NFL teams are more interested in Pryor as a receiver than as a quarterback, would he be willing to take on a new position? Maybe:

Jon Gruden’s been speculated as a candidate for open college football positions from Miami to Notre Dame and everywhere in between. This exchange suggests Gruden doesn’t have much respect for the college game:

It’s at this point Gruden brought the real tough questions, like “What’s an audible?” YES, HE REALLY ASKED THAT:

Pryor attempts to redeem himself by claiming that while he doesn’t know the words to the fight song, he “used to know” the words to Ohio State school song Carmen Ohio:

Did Pryor redeem himself? Possibly, though the hourlong broadcast was long on Gruden clichés (he used the phrase “this guy” 18 times) and short on in-depth analysis of the X’s and O’s of quarterbacking.

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