Humanity’s 6 Worst/Most Hilarious Punts Of All-Time

  • Jake O'Donnell

In case you missed it, last night’s Music City Bowl between Georgia Tech and Ole Miss was a pretty good game. The Rebels ended up winning by a touchdown — despite Georgia Tech’s best attempts at trickery, namely, a conversion on 4th and 11 near midfield at the end of the second quarter. The only thing the Yellowjacket’s punter ended up converting was his self esteem for years of torment and infamy. It was so bad we think he should write a book about it.

Call it “The Man Who Tripped On Nothing In Front Of Thousands Of People,” or something. Here are the other five absolute worst “punts” available on the internet.


South Florida’s Mattias Ciabatti (best punter name ever) could’ve used a mulligan on this 2-yarder from his own endzone. Hey Mattias, there are a lot more sports out there — you’ll find the right one. Just keep looking.


Northwestern’s punter uses “where’s the ball” trick you play with your dog…on the Arizona State University Football team


Michigan’s Denard Robinson adds punting to his resumé of “Stuff Denard Robinson Can’t Do As Well As The Guys Who Are Specialists At The Position”


Oregon State’s Johnny “I should have never quit soccer” Hekker punts the ball for negative yardage


Kids punt the damnedest balls!


If fake punts count as punts, then this is single worst play in special teams history. Defying logic, Georgia Tech’s Sean Poole had some room to run on Ole Miss in this trick play gone awry. Watch out for that 49-yard-line, Sean. Would want you to trip or anything.

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